2019 Scholarship Winners

The Sea Notes Choral Society’s annual scholarship program presents $1,000 to a deserving high school senior. This year we were pleased to be in a position to award two $1000 scholarships to two deserving individuals. Our winners for 2019 are National Honor Society inductees Andrea Dutton of West Brunswick High School and Alyssa Creech of South Brunswick High School.


Andrea Dutton had a 4.18 weighted GPA and has been inducted into the National Honor Society. During her four years at West, the majority of her classes were Honors level. Her dedication to music started at age 4 when she first began piano lessons.  She is now an accomplished pianist, and has competed in various classical music competitions, acquiring multiple awards. She’s also studied violin and learned to play multiple instruments along the way.

Her true passion, however, has been theatrical performance, both dramatic and vocal. Andrea also composes her own music.

Andrea is set to begin her college experience at Appalachian State.  She expects that theatre arts will continue to be a primary focus of hers.


Alyssa Creech had a 4.40 weighted GPA and was ranked number 10 out of 265 seniors, and has been inducted into the National Honor Society.

Her dedication to music started seven years ago, and she has played clarinet, bassoon, and euphonium, performing with her school’s marching band, concert band, and wind ensemble. She is also a member of the All-County Band, All-District Band, Brunswick Concert Band.  Alyssa also sings with her church choir..

Alyssa is also proceeding to Appalachian State College, where she intends to study music education.


2020 Application  available here.

Kalista Blake was the winner of the 2018 Scholarship Award

The 2017 Scholarship recipient  was Logan Strahley.

The winners for 2016 were Luci Tramposch and Natalie Flow.