Sea Notes Choral Society

Policies and Guidelines

New Member Waiting List Policy and Guidelines, Revised  11/2023

Responsible Board Member:  Member-At-Large

OBJECTIVE:  To establish and maintain a waiting list for those people wanting to join the Choral Society.
POLICY:         All persons over the age of sixteen years may apply for membership
GUIDELINES:  New Members will be accepted based on, (1) a balance of voices in each voice range, (2) the overall number of current Sea Notes members for the year, and (3) the capacity of the venue(s) of the Chorus’ next concert.
PROCESS:  A new member application shall be made available on the Choral Society’s website.  The application will include contact information and vocal experience.  Choral experience is preferred.  The Member-At-Large in cooperation with the Membership Chair shall then create and maintain a Waiting List of interested parties and record their information on a spreadsheet.  Two months before the commencement of each concert season, the Membership chair will poll the membership to determine the number of performers who plan to sing in the upcoming season (spring, Patriotic, or Christmas).  One month before the start of each season, the board of Directors, assisted by the upcoming Musical Director, will determine how many additional singers, if any, will be accepted.  Again, consideration must be given to the total number of Sea Notes in each vocal section who are already members for that year.  If there are openings, priority will first be given to those on the Member Waiting List.  If there are still spots available, the Member-At-Large in cooperation with the Membership Chair shall contact applicants in order as directed by the Board until the new member requirements have been met.
CONDITIONS:  Applicants who are invited to join (up to three times) but cannot participate or do not respond to invitations will be removed from the Wait List.  Applicants should not remain on the wait list for more than one year.
If the chorus reaches capacity with their membership, applicants may not be contacted as frequently, but at their one-year anniversary, they may be contacted to see if they would like to resubmit an application with wording that the wait list may still be in effect.