Sea Notes Choral Society Presents 2022 Patriotic Concert ‘Sweet Land of Liberty’


Sea Notes Choral Society will present their Patriotic Concert entitled Sweet Land of Liberty at Odell Williamson Auditorium on the campus of Brunswick Community College,

Saturday, June 25 at 3PM  and Sunday, June 26 at 3PM.

Our nation’s liberty is the recurring theme throughout the program. Sections of the program include: Sweet Land of Liberty, The Fight for Liberty, Religious Liberty, Liberty for the Enslaved, Liberty for Women, The Flag of Liberty, the Price of Liberty, and Liberty for All.

Cindy Sellers, a founding member of Sea Notes and past director, will direct the concert. Laura White from St. Brendan’s Catholic Church will be the Principal Accompanist.

All concerts are free. Tickets are not required.

Donations are welcomed as Sea Notes is a non-profit organization.